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Your needs: analyze the microstructure of your material

Why analyze the microstructure of a material?

The knowledge of the microstructure of a material is a very important parameter in the development and production of a new product or an existing product with new anomalies.

Indeed, in the case of a material failure (metallic, ceramic, polymer or glass), it is important to determine the microstructure of the part in order to understand the origin of the failure.

In this case, the FILAB laboratory implements several techniques to study and determine the microstructure of a material.

Our solutions: characterize the microstructure of a material with state-of-the-art tools

Our material structure analysis techniques

The techniques used to analyze and characterize the microstructure of a material depend on its nature. However, the FILAB laboratory mainly uses SEM-EDX and XRD techniques to study the microstructure of metallic materials. But the FILAB laboratory also intervenes on any type of matrix for :

  • Validation of the conformity of a material within the framework of a failure expertise
  • Analysis of crystalline phases by XRD
    Presence of impurities by ICP-MS/MS
  • Determination and verification of the microstructure by SEM-EDX
  • Determination of the grain size by granulometry
  • Structural characterization of a polymer
  • Determination of the granulometric distribution by laser granulometry and sieving

Why choose FILAB for material microstructure analysis?

Within the FILAB laboratory, we have dedicated an entire department to materials expertise. Thus, our PhD students and specialized engineers have a highly qualified know-how for this type of analysis. In addition, our 2100m² analytical park includes no less than 2 SEM-EDX which allow us to offer you reliable and fast results at competitive prices.  

Thomas GAUTIER Head of Materials Department
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