Helium Pycnometry density measurements

Your needs : to measure the density of your substances and/or raw materials as part of an inspection or the development or optimization of a product

A pycnometer is a laboratory tool used to measure the volumetric weight and the density of solid (powders, metals, plastics…) or viscous matter (mastic, paint, adhesives, lubricants…).

Gas pycnometry is considered one of the most reliable techniques for measuring the volumetric weight of a substance. The gas used for this is usually Helium because of its small atomic diameter which allows it to seep into very small spaces.

Helium Pycnometry analysis is usually combined with data detailing the bulk density or apparent density measured using other techniques such as Mercury Porosimetry and is used to measure the porosity and permeability of a material.

FILAB laboratory provides fast and reliable Helium Pycnometric density measurements

As an independent laboratory situated in Dijon, France, FILAB has a team of qualified experts and is equipped with an analytical fleet spread over 2100m². FILAB laboratory can assist you in overcoming your challenges relating to substance density by providing the following services:

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