Remote control of analytical method validation

What is analytical method validation?

Analytical validation consists of guaranteeing the performance of an analytical method by examination and provision of objective evidence, with regard to the expected use of the product. Whatever your field of activity, analytical validation allows you to ensure the reliability and traceability of the results of an analysis.

The criteria studied, most of which are governed by reference standards, are numerous: specificity, precision, linearity, sensitivity, LoD & LoQ, stability, robustness, uncertainty, etc.

For more than twenty years, FILAB laboratory has acquired extensive experience in analytical method validation, whatever the required analytical technique: GC-MS, HPLC-MS/MS, HPLC-UV, ICP-MS, ICP-AES, CLI…

We offer today customized analytical validation services and we help you in the implementation of your method validations within your structure. 

Remote validation of analytical methods: a new FILAB service offering

As an extension of your in-house laboratories, FILAB supports you throughout the life cycle of the analytical method, from its development to its on-site validation. In the context of a health crisis, we have set up a remote analytical method validation service. The objectives of this service are to support you in the realization of a validation study plan, according to the adapted reference system, to control the relevance of the results according to the validation criteria, and to compile all the data in an analytical validation report.

More competitive than an outsourcing of method validation, and faster than an internal validation, dare to take advantage of this tailor-made service to gain in efficiency!

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