Powder analysis laboratory by BET according to the European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.26

FILAB laboratory performs powder analysis by BET according to the European Pharmacopoeia 2.9.26

The specific surface of a material designates its real surface as opposed to its apparent surface. It represents the total surface per unit of mass and is expressed in m²/g. In the context of powders, it allows to evaluate the porosity of the powder.

The chapter 2.9.26. of the European pharmacopoeia describes the methodology relating to the measurement of specific surface by gas absorption.

FILAB, laboratory accredited ISO 17025 by COFRAC for BET analysis according to EP 2.9.26

For more than 30 years, our laboratory FILAB has had the experience and the analytical equipment to accompany industrial companies in the characterization of powders by various analytical techniques: XRD, SEM-EDX, BET, laser granulometry…

  • Characterize the physical parameters of your powders: specific surface by BET, granulometry, morphology, …
  • Determine the chemical composition of your powders
  • Realize the nanometric classification of your powders
  • Characterize the crystallinity of your powders
  • Determine the presence or absence of undesirable substances in your powders
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