Determination of sulphates in cosmetic products

Are you looking to measure the sulfates present in your cosmetic products?

Sulfates are often present in the cosmetic industry (shower gel, shampoos, body care products…). Indeed, sulfates are used as surfactants in cosmetic products, that is to say that sulfates can disperse a fat in water.

However, the use of sulfates in cosmetic products is highly regulated because they are known to be irritating substances for some users. Only certain sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lauryl sulfate can be used and at specific concentrations.

Are you looking for a reliable and reactive laboratory for the determination of sulfates in your cosmetic products? Please contact us!

FILAB offers you reliable and accurate analytical techniques for the determination of sulfates in your cosmetics

The FILAB laboratory has developed numerous skills in chemical analysis and material characterization. The FILAB laboratory has a state-of-the-art analytical park of more than 2100 m2 and high-level human skills in order to offer you services that meet the compliance criteria for the determination of sulfates in cosmetic products.

FILAB offers tailor-made services for the analysis of your cosmetics:

  • Analysis and determination of sulfates in your cosmetics by Liquid
  • Chromatography (LC)
  • Analysis of undesirable substances in raw materials and finished products: heavy metals, residual solvents, phthalates, bisphenol A…
  • Determination of active ingredients: organic and mineral sunscreens, vitamins…
  • Determination of preservatives (phenoxyethanol, parabens, chlorphenesin…) by HPLC-UV, HPLC-MSMS and GC-MS
  • Packaging analysis: polymers, composites, glasses
  • Analytical validation according to ISO 12787
  • Expertise on non-conformities: particles, deposits, unknown peaks, material degradation…
  • Deformation of cosmetic products
  • Compatibility studies (container/content interaction, extractables and leachables)
  • Laboratory audit and team training
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