Luxury industry : characterization of a defect of aspect in laboratory

Faced with major strategic challenges, the luxury industry must respond to an increasingly demanding market in terms of quality, responsiveness, creativity and compliance with regulations.

It is in this context that one of the world leaders in luxury bottles asked our laboratory to characterize an aspect defect observed following a finishing operation on a glass article.

After having performed a general diagnosis of the defect area by morphological and chemical characterization using Field Effect Scanning Electron Microscopy (FEG-SEM) coupled to an EDX microprobe, the organic nature of the pollution thus revealed was specifically identified by using complementary techniques such as infrared microscopy (µ-IRTF) and Gas Chromatography coupled to a Mass Spectrometry detector (GC-MS). By comparing the results of these analysis with the possible contaminants, the origin of the pollution could be identified, which allowed this glass manufacturer to solve its problem by carrying out various corrective actions.

Thanks to the human skills and complementary technical means available in its laboratory, FILAB was able to support this industrialist by proposing a high-level technical offer as well as a customized response.

FILAB has significant experience in the implementation of these expertises and can assist you with your study needs in the context of appearance defects.

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