Graphene analysis in FFP2 or KN95 masks

Graphene in masks: what do the regulations say?

The French National Health Safety Agency now recommends avoiding the marketing of surgical masks, FFP2 or KN95 made of graphene.

Indeed, graphene is used for its antiviral properties in several medical equipments including some references of FFP2 masks. However, the lack of data does not allow to certify at this stage the non-toxicity of graphene particles present in the masks if they are ingested.  

Furthermore, the Agency notes that the objectives sought by manufacturers due to the addition of graphene in the masks are neither expressed nor demonstrated.

Therefore, the Anses recommends to the public authorities to prefer the marketing or the availability of masks without graphene.


FILAB laboratory accompanies you in the analysis and research of graphene in your FFP2 and KN95 masks

To date, no methodology has been clearly defined in terms of standards and regulations concerning the use of graphene in masks.

However, in order to assist manufacturers or distributors of surgical masks in the analysis of their products, FILAB has set up an analytical methodology to ensure the presence/non-presence of graphene in masks.

FILAB laboratory uses several analytical techniques such as : 

  • The Optical Microscope

  • Raman Microscopy

  • The Scanning Electron Microscope

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  • Deformation of polymers
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The positive aspects of FILAB

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