As operators in waste treatment, recycling specialists, water treatment or waste incineration professionals, environmental experts, consultants and engineers, you have to deal with the strategic issues facing your sector.

Optimisation of by-product recovery and recycling processes, compliance of your processes with the regulations, reduction of operating costs, security of your staff and above all, protection of the environment.

You are looking to cooperate with a reliable, independent laboratory capable of offering high technical value added and guaranteeing total confidentiality.

FILAB is here to support you :


  • In situ sampling and measurement (automatic, one-off, piezometers, rivers,…)
  • Analyses of water (waste, clean, drinking, mixing water), soil, sludges, dust and the air)
  • Analysis of the products of domestic waste incinerators (ash, clinker,…)
  • Quantification of pollutants (VOC, HAP/PCB, BTEX, pesticides, THCs…)
  • Physical-chemical analyses (pH, suspended matter, COD, BOD5,…)
  • Trace and impurity detection (heavy metals, deposits, particles,…)
  • Raw material testing
  • Mineral oil analysis
  • Analysis of varnishes and resins


  • Waste classification pack (Order of 20 October 2010)
  • Reduction of hazardous substances in water studies (Analyses, Initial monitoring report and support with long-term monitoring)
  • Polluted soil diagnosis
  • Investigation of the causes of pollution
  • Regulatory advice (compliance with Prefectoral Orders, discharge agreements, ICPE-classified installations,…)
  • Introduction of periodic inspection plans
  • Ageing studies (corrosion phenomena, surface deterioration, …)
  • Defect characterisation
  • Failure analysis (parts breakage, …)
  • Training for your staff

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