Your primary contacts here at FILAB :


We have chosen to introduce to you your primary contacts here at FILAB. In addition to the above-mentioned people, you may also be in direct contact with other members of staff (particularly technical specialists) depending on the specifics of your request.

Regardless of who you contact, you should know that our internal information system and our human scale (all of FILAB's personnel work on the same site) allow us to guarantee a thorough handling of your requests and a quick response time.

Management board

Jérôme GOUX


With a PhD in Chemistry, Jérôme joined FILAB in 2008 and created the Chemical Appraisal Department. In 2009, he became the Laboratory's Director. In 2019, he took over FILAB with two of his colleagues and has been managing the company since then as President.

His initial background in the fields of molecular characterization and organometallic synthesis allow him to be directly involved in advanced analytical development projects and R&D (on behalf of our clients or as part of FILAB's internal needs).


Scientific and Technical Director

As an engineer from the Ecole Centrale Paris and having a PhD in Mechanics Thomas has broad technical skills related to chemistry and material science but also a good understanding of operational project management.

Thomas joined FILAB in 2017 and is now in charge of FILAB's scientific and technical development, as well as managing the entire laboratory.

If you would like to contact us regarding :
-A follow-up on an ongoing request
-A technical question about a report
-A need for a process audit
-An R&D project
Thomas will be able to provide you with the best solutions!



Sales Director

If you are not yet familiar with FILAB, we recommend that you contact Benoît! He will be able to introduce you to our services, to our organization and to take care of your analytical needs.

With dual technical qualifications (Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry and sales training) Benoît joined FILAB in 2015 with the task of capturing new markets. In 2018, he took up the position of Sales Director and with the support of his team led FILAB's sales and prospecting programs.


if you would like to contact us:

- To know more about our activities

- To organize a presentation at your location

- To tell us about your ambitious analytical projects


Benoît is at your disposal!


Technical department

Head of the expert appraisal department

With substantial experience in nanomaterial characterization and particulate contamination analysis, Thomas joined FILAB in 2018, with the aim of developing FILAB's skills around these topics.

Thomas now coordinates the activities of the Material Appraisal department, and provides technical support in the handling of requests.


If you would like to contact us :

  • For an appraisal request related to nanomaterials, for the analysis of a particle or for the characterization of a polymer
  • For a technical question about a material appraisal report
  • For a follow-up on an ongoing request

Thomas is at your disposal!




Head of the Analytical Department

Clément holds a Master's degree in Material Science and Technology. In 2018, he took over the supervision of the Chemistry and Environmental division. In 2019, he became Head of the Analytical Department, encompassing the chemistry, the environmental and the metallurgy divisions.

He acts as a liaison between our customers and his team in the laboratory which is currently made up of more than 15 employees. His department carries out a large proportion of our routine analyses in organic and inorganic chemistry as well as in the study of metallic materials entrusted to us by our diverse clientele.

If you would like to contact us :

-For a technical question about an analysis report

-For a follow-up on an ongoing request

Clément will act as your advisor!



Technical supervisor

As the Technical supervisor for the Analytical Department Arnaud joined FILAB in 2007 and has become our expert in the field of metallic alloy analysis which is FILAB's long-standing area of expertise.

He coordinates the metallurgy division and handles our customers' requests and technical questions.

If you would like to contact us:

-For a technical question about a metallic analysis report

-For a follow-up of an ongoing request

Arnaud will act as your advisor!



Sales department


Development and Marketing Manager

With a Master's degree in Marketing from a Business School in Toulouse, Elisa took up her position in 2017 alongside Benoît PERSIN in order to support the growth of the business and accelerate FILAB's digital transformation. In charge of the various communication tools (don't forget to subscribe to our Newsletter!) and of coordinating the sales department, Elisa will also be a primary contact for the processing of your requests.

if you would like to contact us:

  • For a new request

  • To know more about our activities

  • For a communication proposal on your media or during an event?

Elisa is at your disposal!



Commercial development officer

After completing a yearlong work-study program at FILAB as part of her training at the Dijon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Audrey joined Benoît PERSIN and Elisa DEWALLY in the Sales department in 2018.

In charge of booking customer appointments and following up on quotes, Audrey also acts as a liaison between customers and the technical team.

If you would like to contact us:

  • To arrange a meeting with our sales representatives

  • To follow up on a quote

  • To reference us in your company

Feel free to contact Audrey !


Alexandre VIGLIONE

Sales consultant

Alexandre holds a Master's degree in Health & Nutrition and has a combination of experience in clinical research and customer relations in organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, etc.
He joined FILAB in 2020 as a sales consultant and as such, he will swiftly handle your requests with good humor and great precision.

if you would like to contact us:

  • To submit a new request

  • For assistance with a challenge

Alexandre is at your disposal !


Caroline KURZAWA

Customer Support Manager

Caroline holds a Master's degree in Analysis and Quality Control and after first getting experience as an Analysis and Characterization Manager in a laboratory she joined FILAB in 2020 as our Customer Support Manager. As such, she deals with your requests with precision, enthusiasm and good humor.

If you would like to contact us:

  • To submit a new request

  • For assistance with a challenge

Caroline is at your disposal!



Administrative department


Secretary General

Hubert holds a Master's degree in social law from the University of Paris 2. He joined FILAB in 2019 after several years as a lawyer. While mainly focused on legal and financial assignments as well as personnel management, Hubert also plans to consolidate FILAB's ambitions with regard to its ESG policy.

If you would like to contact us:

  • To agree on a confidentiality contract

  • For a job application

  • For legal information or information related to our social policy

Hubert is at your disposal!


Céline MILOT

Administrative and Financial Manager


As a trained accountant Céline has solid financial experience in SMEs and has been working at FILAB since 2009. She is in charge of the company's administrative and accounting management. She will be your primary contact for anything relating to invoicing and payment to clients/suppliers. Céline also helps with personnel management with the support of her team.


If you would like to contact us:


  • For a request related to billing/payment for a service

  • For questions about the reception of a sample

Céline is at your disposal !



Quality control department

Christine GUYOT

Quality and Safety manager

Christine joined FILAB in 1989 and holds a DUT (Technological University Degree) in Biological Engineering. She has 15 years of professional experience in analytical chemistry (mostly inorganic analysis).

Since 2004, Christine has been in charge of implementing and supervising the quality and safety management system for all FILAB activities. She actively contributes to the continuous improvement of our services and to the training of our teams. Audits by certification authorities or our clients, as well as the rollout of our security policy are all placed under her responsibility.

If you would like to contact us:

  • To obtain quality control documents (accreditations, quality system management plan...)

  • To organize a quality audit

Christine is at your disposal !


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