DMA / TMA analysis in the laboratory

What is DMA/TMA analysis? Firstly, thermomechanical analysis (TMA) is a thermal analysis technique. TMA equipment continuously records the deformation of a substance, under fixed load, while it is subjected to a controlled temperature programme. Any phase transitions in a substance can thus be detected. Amorphous plastics, for example, usually have several transitions. Dynamic mechanical analysis …

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spark spectrometry

Spark Spectroscopy analysis

Industrialists in the metallurgical field, you wish to analyze your metals by spark gap spectrometry What is spark spectroscopy analysis? First of all, spark spectrometry is an analytical device used to determine the chemical composition of a metal. A spark is made between the sample and the tungsten electrode, which heats the atoms to a …

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analyse microscopie IRTF

FTIR chemical analysis

Your needs : to characterize a sample using FTIR spectroscopy analysis Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy – or FTIR for short – is an analytical technique which is used to obtain an absorption spectrum when analyzing a sample that can be a solid, a liquid or a gas. FTIR is a non-destructive test as it simply …

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Analyse par MEB FEG EDX

Scanning electron microscopy SEM-EDX in an analytical laboratory

What exactly is Scanning electron microscopy ? Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDX) is an analytical technique which uses a Field Emission Gun (FEG) and produces high resolution images of a sample’s surface (1 000 000x zoom) This new SEM-EDX with  column signal detection 20 times more powerful than a conventional Scanning Electron Microscope allows FILAB to carry out …

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Laboratory of analysis and observation by Optical Microscope (MO)

FILAB has several Optical Microscopes, including a last generation one equipped with several modes such as: reflection (light and dark background), transmission, polarization, cross polarization… The apparatus is automated and associated with a dedicated software. Our services by Optical Microscopy In addition to other analytical techniques, this equipment is used in : Our services Particle …

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Instrumental Gas Analysis

Instrumental gas analysis (IGA) is used to determine C,H,O,N,S elements found in solid materials. IGA uses a high temperature furnace to rapidly heat samples and with the heat, turn certain elements into more volatile forms. The goal being to separate these elements, to identify and measure them. FILAB’s expertise in IGA analysis You are looking …

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