Environmental analyses

Filab carries out your environmental analyses :


  • In situ sampling and measurement (automatic, one-off, piezometers, …)

  • Soil analysis

  • Dust analysis

  • Waste analysis

  • Quantification of pollutants (VOC, HAP/PCB, BTEX, pesticides, THCs…)

  • Determination of heavy metals

  • Reduction of hazardous substances in water studies (Analyses, Initial monitoring report and support with long-term monitoring)

  • Water analysis (waste, clean, drinking, mixing)

  • Sludge analysis

  • Air analysis

  • Analysis of the products of domestic waste incinerators (ash, clinker,…)

  • Physical-chemical analyses (pH, suspended matter, COD, BOD5,…)

  • Waste classification pack (Order of 20 October 2010)

Our services

  • Polluted soil diagnosis

  • Regulatory advice (compliance with Prefectoral Orders, discharge agreements, ICPE,…)

  • Investigation of the causes of pollution

  • Introduction of periodic inspection plans

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