Laboratory analysis and determination of Ethanol contents

Your needs : to determine the ethanol contents in your industrial matrices in accordance with relevant regulations

Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is a colorless, volatile and flammable liquid. Ethanol is used as a solvent or disinfectant in foodstuffs (alcoholic beverages), in perfumes, in the production of pharmaceutical products (antiseptic wipes), in cosmetics and is even used as a biofuel

Just like Methanol, ethyl alcohol poses a health risk to humans. New regulations are regularly put into place requiring that products containing ethanol be more regularly inspected.

Our solution : to provide support for the determination of the ethanol contents in your products and matrices.

Relying on more than 20 years of experience, FILAB laboratory uses innovative techniques and is made up of a team of experts. FILAB laboratory can assist you in solving any problems relating to the presence of ethanol in your products by providing the following services :

  • Analysis and determination of ethanol contents using HS-GC-MS or GC-MS
  • Detection of trace amounts or ethanol is cosmetic formulations
  • Analytical development and validation of methods for determining the ethanol contents in your matrices
Caroline KURZAWA R&D Project Engineer
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