Laboratory measurement of osmolality

Osmolality is a concentration that can be measured after osmosis has occurred. Osmosis is a physical law corresponding to the passage of a solution from a hypotonic medium to a hypertonic medium through a semipermeable membrane. Osmolality this therefore defined as the number of osmoles of solutes per kilogram of solvent, measured in osmol/kg.

Osmolality is used because the volume of solvent stays constant in any conditions (temperature, pressure, etc.)

Osmolality measurements for the cosmetics industry

In the cosmetics industry, osmolality measurements can be needed to measure the effectiveness of active ingredients. While making a cosmetic crème, the osmolality of raw materials can give an indication of the quantity of particles capable of seeping through semipermeable cell walls. It is therefore possible to determine if a crème containing the active ingredient will be effective or not. It is also possible to determine if the active ingredient disturbs the balance in a cell, which would disqualify the sample.

As an industrialist in the cosmetics industry, you are looking to measure the osmolality of your solutions. 

Osmolality measurements for the pharmaceutical industry

Osmolality therefore applies to any element (ion, molecule) capable of attracting water molecules though a membrane. That is why this property is often sort after for a better tolerance (ex. injectable solutions).

The European Pharmacopeia 2.2.35 “Osmolality Standards USP 785” describes the principle behind analytical methods, provides a clear and detailed description of a sampling procedure et provides precision requirements for sampling.

FILAB laboratory is able to assist you in measuring osmolality in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia

FILAB is able to measure osmolality in its laboratory and can assist you with your analytical needs

FILAB is an independent laboratory situated in Dijon, France and can assist you in measuring osmolality to resolve your quality, safety and performance problems.

Our experts provide multiple analytical services centered around osmolality measurements :

our services

  • Osmolality measurements in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia

  • Osmolarity measurements

  • Detection of elemental impurities in excipients in accordance with the USP 233 (ICH Q3D)

  • Analytical development and validation of methods for quantifying substances in accordance with various standards : ICH, USP, EP, ISO…

  • Expertise to understand osmolality differences between samples

  • Particulate count and analysis

  • Compatibility testing between active ingredients and excipients

  • Reverse engineering of finished products 

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