Determination and analysis of preservatives in cosmetic products

Your needs : to determine and analyze the preservative content of your cosmetic products in accordance with relevant regulations

The role preservatives play in cosmetic products is manifold : to protect them from all kinds of pollutions such as bacteria while ensuring the preservation of the product’s quality over time. Preservatives maintain the stability of cosmetic products. Poor preservation would result in a lower quality product (odor, cleanliness…) and could also pose a risk to consumers.

There are 2 types of preservatives :

  • Antibacterial/Antifungal preservatives : to limit the development of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria 
  • Antioxidants : to limit the oxidation of cosmetic products

The use of preservatives in cosmetic products is regulated at limited concentrations. This is why the determination of preservative content in cosmetic products is a crucial step for cosmetic industrialists to take.

Are you looking to cooperate with a reliable and reactive laboratory to determine the preservative content of your cosmetic products ?

Our solutions : to assist you in analyzing and determining preservative content in your cosmetic products using a precise analytical fleet

FILAB laboratory is able to assist industrialists from the field of cosmetics in analyzing, determining and assessing preservatives in cosmetic products. With a cutting-edge analytical fleet, FILAB can offer tailored support as part of the analysis and determination of preservative content in cosmetic products :

  • Determination of parabens in cosmetics
  • Determination phenoxyethanol content in cosmetics
  • Determination of methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in cosmetics
  • Determination of organic acids in cosmetics

To achieve this, FILAB is equipped with a diverse analytical fleet covering GC-MS, HPLC, UV, HP-LV-MS/MS, ICP…

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