Laboratory determination of nonylphenols (CAS: 84852-15-3)

You want to measure nonylphenols

First of all, nonylphenols (C15H24O) are synthetic organic compounds belonging to the alkylphenol family. The name nonylphenol generically groups different forms in which they are found; 2-, 3- or 4-nonylphenols. Nonylphenols are widely used precursors of polyethoxylated nonylphenols (NPEs).

Moreover, nonylphenols are theoretically biodegradable but toxic, bioaccumulative and relatively persistent. Indeed, they are completely degraded only after several weeks, even more according to the temperature, the acidity, the luminosity and the environment in which they are, which allows the contamination of the environment and certain organisms. As they degrade, they release into the environment the nonylphenol that was used to manufacture them, and the organisms that degrade them produce metabolites that are more toxic than the NPEs.

Therefore, the dosage of nonylphenols is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the processes that involve it, but also to prevent any problems associated with its toxicity.

FILAB meets your nonylphenol dosing needs

The FILAB laboratory has an analytical park of 2100m² and a qualified team. It assists manufacturers from all sectors in the analysis of nonylphenols. Thanks to its high level of in-house expertise and tailor-made support, FILAB can offer you solutions adapted to your problems through our three levels of services: analysis, expertise and R&D support

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  • A highly qualified team

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  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

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