Limonene analysis laboratory

You want to measure the limonene in your industrial products...

Limonene, LIM is a hydrocarbon produced by coniferous plants. Limonene is present in many essential oils and can be obtained by distillation.

Limonene is used as a solvent by the food industry, the cosmetics industry and the chemical industry (insecticides, cleaning products …)

FILAB Laboratory assists you in the determination of limonene

Thanks to an analytical park of 2100m², FILAB offers you in-house analytical methods to assist you in the determination of limonene and its derivatives:

  • Determination of limonene (CAS: 138-86-3) in cosmetic samples by HS-GCMS
  • Determination of d-limonene (CAS N° 5989-27-5)
  • Determination of i-limonene (CAS N° 5989-54-8)

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