Halogen analysis according to RCC-M

What is the CCR-M?

The RCC-M is the French code that defines the design and construction rules for the mechanical equipment of Pressurized Water Reactor islands.

It follows in particular the design, manufacturing and examination evolutions for the European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR).

Why analyze your materials according to the RCC-M?

In charge of manufacturing or modifying equipment intended to enter a nuclear power plant according to the RCC-M, you need to analyze the content of chlorides, fluorides and sulfides in your products, according to Appendix V of the RCC-M. 

Indeed, these corrosion precursors are highly controlled for any material entering a nuclear power plant. 

Also, the analyses can be done by combustion or by leaching, and this by ion chromatography (CLI). 

FILAB laboratory assists you in the determination of halogens according to the RCC-M criteria

Thanks to an analytical park of 2100m² and an expertise recognized in France for the analysis of halogens (FILAB is approved by EDF for PMUC analyses), our laboratory accompanies you within the framework of your analytical needs related to the RCC-M requirements. 

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