Laboratory analysis of bulk density

Your needs: analyze the bulk density of your powders

The so-called apparent density is actually the bulk density.

This is a quantity used essentially with substances in granular form (powders) in order to give an account of the mass of material contained in a given volume, taking into account the volume of interstitial air.

From this point of view, the density or bulk density of the same granulated material can vary depending on whether it is more or less compacted.

In order to respect the unit of the international system, this density, commonly called apparent density, is expressed in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3).

The apparent density is measured with a densimeter. 

Our solutions: provide a wide range of diversified techniques for bulk density analysis of your powders

For more than 30 years, our laboratory FILAB has had the experience and the specific analytical equipment to assist industrial companies in the analysis of your powders, and in particular in bulk density measurements.

The support of an expert laboratory in powder analysis such as FILAB enables you to better understand the strategic issues and changes in your sector. Our specialized engineers will accompany you throughout the density measurement protocol on your powders in the laboratory. 

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