Tap density measurement laboratory

As an industrialist you want to measure the tap density of your powders

Tapped density is the density of a material obtained by tapping. The measurement of tapped density is carried out using a tamping volumometer for granular materials. This device allows the measurement of the settling ability, a dynamic characteristic of a granular material, and the creation of settlement kinetic curves.

The behaviour of a powder and in particular its flowability is important in the manufacturing process of a product. Being able to determine the density measurement of the powders they use is therefore essential for many manufacturers, particularly in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The FILAB laboratory, expert in tap density measurement, will assist you in your analysis needs

FILAB, an independent laboratory located in Dijon, France, assists you with your tapped density measurements, in order to meet your quality, safety and performance requirements.

Our experts provide a range of powder analysis and tapped density measurement services:


  • Cohesion measurement by densimeter

  • Measurement of metal powder flowability by Hall cone according to ASTM B213

  • Morphological control by SEM-FEG and MO

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