Determination of chloroalkanes according to REACH

Chloroalkanes, alkyl chlorides or chlorinated kerosenes are alkanes in which one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by chlorine atoms.

Due to their wide range of physico-chemical properties, SCCPs are present in many industrial applications: fluids, sealants, adhesives or textiles.

However, some of them are proven toxic and carcinogenic, in particular short-chain chlorinated kerosenes (SCCPs). This is why the REACH regulation limits the use and content of chloroalkanes (SCCP). 

FILAB supports you in the control of chloroalkanes (SCCP) according to REACH requirements

The determination of chloroalkanes according to the REACH regulation allows to secure the manufacturing and the use of chemical substances in the European industry.

FILAB has developed specific GC-MS methods for the most common chloroalkanes. 

With significant experience in the implementation of these techniques and the development of specific methods, FILAB can assist you in your chloroalkane determination needs.

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