Pollution problems on materials

Industrialists of all sectors, you wish to solve pollution problems on materials?

What is pollution on a material?

First of all, pollution can be metallic, mineral or organic. The origin of pollution is often unknown: it may be present when the raw material is received, it may appear during the production process or it may be present in the final environment. 

Thus, in the case of pollution on the surface of a material, it is the interactions and attacks of an environment that can lead to the formation of residual particles on the surface of a material.

Why analyse pollution on a material?

The identification and quantification of pollution in a manufacturing process, a cleaning process or a finished product is a major concern for industry, particularly in sensitive sectors such as nuclear, space, medical or medical devices.

Indeed, the impact of pollution can be critical: corrosion, malfunctions, degradation, failures.

The services of a specialised laboratory such as FILAB will therefore enable you to meet all the challenges posed by pollution problems on materials.

The FILAB laboratory offers you tailor-made support in solving your pollution problems on materials

Through our three levels of services: analysis, expertise and R&D support, FILAB assists companies from all sectors in solving pollution problems on materials in terms of identification, quantification and elimination. FILAB provides its clients with the know-how and experience of its team, as well as a 2100m² analytical park equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our experts will draw up a complete report including the analysis carried out, the interpretation of the results accompanied by photographs, and, according to your requests, advice and a proposal for support in the development of rapid solutions to your pollution problems on materials.

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The positive aspects of FILAB

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