XRD crystallographic analysis in a laboratory

Your needs: to study the atomic composition of your crystalline materials in order to optimize their performance

What is crystallography?

Crystallography analyzes the atomic structure of crystalline substances and materials to understand their properties. Standing in opposition to amorphous solids, the particularity of crystalline materials resides in the way their atoms are assembled in repeating motifs.

Crystallographic texture plays an important role, influencing the performance of the final product. Crystallographic analysis is therefore crucial at all points of a materials lifecycle: upon receiving raw materials to study their composition, to verify the stability of crystalline materials in production processes and to evaluate the quality of the finished product.

What is XRD?

Determination of the atomic structure of crystalline materials is mostly done using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). This technique makes it possible to characterize the different crystalline materials. These analysis can determine the properties of organic and inorganic crystalline substances such as the distance between atoms, their layout, the identification if crystalline phases or even the size of various crystallites.

Support from a laboratory specializing in material characterization and equipped with the necessary tools will make it possible for you to analyze crystalline materials throughout the lifecycle of a product and to carry out your industrial projects while complying with standards.

Our solution: to identify and determine the crystallographic composition of your materials

With a cutting-edge and diverse analytical fleet, FILAB laboratory can provide you with its crystallographic expertise to analyze your materials and can assist you in carrying out your industrial projects.

Our different analytical methods allow us to:

  • Determine crystalline contents
  • Examine the morphology and molecular arrangement of crystals under a microscope
  • Identify the different components of a crystalline solids compared to our data base
  • Analyze the polymorphism of an active ingredient
  • And more

Did you know?

Relying on 30 years’ experience in developing analytical methods specific to crystalline materials and XRD methods, FILAB laboratory can assist you with your needs for crystallographic analysis, expertise and development. 

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