Analysis and determination of anions in condensates and water samples

Do you need to analyse and measure anions in condensates or water samples?

Why analyse and determine anions in condensates and water samples?

First of all, an anion is an ion which, having gained one or more electrons, carries one or more elementary negative electrical charges. There are several anions, in particular: fluorides, chlorides, nitrites, nitrates, bromides, phosphates, sulphates, oxalates, glycolates, lactates, formates, acetates, propionates, etc…

Why analyse a condensate? Condensate can form on the surface of an engine or any other heating system and determining its composition is essential.

Indeed, the composition of the condensate provides important information about the environment of the system. Furthermore, the presence of anions in condensates or water samples is a sign of corrosion precursors.

Indeed, many anions are corrosion factors which would affect the quality of your materials and products. Furthermore, corrosion represents a risk for the solidity and reliability of an installation or equipment.

Therefore, the analysis and dosage of anions by a specialised laboratory is an essential step to ensure the safety of your equipment and the quality of your finished products.

FILAB supports you in the analysis and determination of anions in your condensates and water samples

Through our three levels of services: analysis, expertise and R&D support, FILAB assists companies from all sectors in the analysis of anions in condensates and water samples.

FILAB provides its clients with the know-how and experience of its team, as well as a 2100m² analytical park equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

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