Laboratory elemental analysis

Your needs: to determine the elemental composition of your substance or product

Elemental analysis consists of determining the atomic proportions of chemical element present in the composition of a substance or of a product. Chemical elements detected by elemental analysis fall into several categories :

  • Organic elements, made up primarily of carbon (as well as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sulfur and Phosphorus)
  • Metallic alloys, mixtures of various metallic elements
  • Heavy metals (Mercury, Lead, etc.)

Each category can be analyzed using specific elemental analysis techniques, making it possible to deconstruct a substance’s structure with the aim of identifying and quantifying elements present in said substance.

These elemental analysis will allow you to ensure that your products comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Our solutions: to provide you with elemental analysis services, specific to your request and to give precise and reliable results

Did you know?

Since October of 2015, FILAB laboratory has had ISO 17025 accreditation for the elemental analysis of heavy metals in raw materials and pharmaceutical products following internally developed methods validated in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia 2.4.20 et the American Pharmacopeia USP 233.

FILAB is a multidisciplinary laboratory providing elemental analysis services, some of which are carried out under ISO 17025 accreditation:

To be able to meet the demand for elemental analysis, FILAB laboratory relies on its multisectoral expertise as well as its cutting-edge analytical fleet, allowing for greater reactivity and reliability when fulfilling requests from industrial clients.

Discover our elemental analysis techniques:

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