Analysis of metallic alloys in the laboratory

What is a metal alloy?

Metallic compounds of variable purity containing iron and one or more other elements, ferrous alloys or ferroalloys are used in the steel industry to control the chemical composition of metal alloys during their development, modify the solidification of the liquid metal or control the morphology graphite in cast iron.

Among these compounds, we will notably distinguish metal alloys of the additive type (ferro-chromium, ferro-molybdenum, ferro-titanium, ferro-vanadium, ferro-manganese, etc.), of the inoculant type (ferro-silicon) and of the spheroidizing type ( ferro-silicomagnesium).

They are introduced into metal alloys depending on their composition. The contents of the constituent elements of ferroalloys are therefore crucial parameters in the context of their use.

FILAB analyzes the chemical composition of a metal alloy ​

In the laboratory, the determination and control of the elementary chemical composition of these metal alloys are carried out mainly by specific analyzers (particularly C and O) and ICP. Complementary structural metallurgical analyzes (analysis by X-ray Diffraction: XRD) and particle size analyzes (carried out by sieving, laser particle size analysis, etc.) are also regularly implemented for the analysis of metallic alloys.

Presenting significant experience in the implementation of these metal alloy analysis techniques and the development of specific methods for determining alloy and ferro-alloy grades, the FILAB laboratory supports you in meeting your needs. chemical analysis, metallurgical analysis, expertise in alloy analysis.

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