Chemical composition analysis of metallic alloys at FILAB laboratory

Your needs : to verify that your metallic alloy complies with relevant standards

When receiving materials, when facing production problems or as part of the development of a new product, you are looking to analyze and verify the chemical composition of a metallic alloy :

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallic alloys
  • Stainless steel analysis and determination of steel grades in accordance with the EN 10088-1, 10088-2 and EN 10088-3 standards
  • Ferroalloy analysis
  • Analysis of titanium, copper, nickel, zinc, aluminum, lead, tin or tungsten-based alloys

In accordance with relevant ISO or ASTM regulations

FILAB laboratory can analyze the chemical composition of your alloys thanks to a cutting-edge analytical fleet

At the heart of FILAB’s long-standing activities, our metallurgical analysis department is made up of experts using a wide range of analytical techniques. Relying on its experience in this field, FILAB can assist you the determination and the inspection of the elemental chemical composition of your alloys.

Complementary structural metallurgical analysis (X-Ray Diffraction analysis : XRD) and granulometric analysis (sieving, laser granulometry…) are regularly used to analyze metallic alloys.


With extensive experience in implementing analytical techniques specific to metallic alloys and in developing specific methods for the determination of alloy grades and of ferroalloys, FILAB laboratory can assist you with your needs for chemical, metallurgical and expertise analysis services for alloys.

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