Laboratory for particle size distribution analysis according to ISO 17025

Your needs: analysis of the particle size distribution of your products

In what context do you use particle size distribution analysis of your products?

As part of the quality control of your production batches before they are placed on the market, you may be required to determine certain characteristics of your raw materials and finished products.

It is in this context that the FILAB laboratory brings you its expertise for the required tests on raw materials, APIs, Medical Devices and finished products, including particle size distribution analysis.   

Our solutions: COFRAC ISO 17025 accredited particle size distribution analysis

Analysis techniques

For several years we have dedicated a set of specific techniques to the analysis of powders in the pharmaceutical industry, whether they are metallic, ceramic, organic or mineral.

Thus, we have been awarded the COFRAC ISO 17025 accreditation for particle size distribution analysis by laser granulometer (dry or liquid method) according to PE 2.9.31 and ISO 13320.

This accreditation completes our COFRAC accreditations for Medical Devices:

  • Particle counting by Optical Microscope according to the current standards: ISO 19227, ISO 10993-19, USP 788, PE 2.9.19, AAMI TIR 42
  • Particle identification by SEM-EDX and µ-IRTF according to the current standards: ISO 10993-19, PE 2.9.52, PE 2.2. 24, AAMI TIR 42
  • Analysis of ionic compounds by CLI according to ISO 19227 and ISO 10993-18

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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