TGA, TGA-FTIR and ATG-MS analyses in a laboratory

Your needs : to analyze a substance or a material using TGA technics

TGA thermogravimetric analyses are used to determine the mass lost by a material depending on how badly it is degraded in precise thermal conditions (thermal cycles)

By coupling this technique with FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) or with mass spectrometry (TGA-MS) it is possible to chemically identify the loss of mass, of released gasses or of degradation products that appear during the thermal cycle.

Our solution : to provide you with our skills relating to TGA analysis and to provide tailored support in interpreting your results

With a complete and diverse analytical fleet, FILAB laboratory can assist industrial companies with TGA and TGA-FTIR analyses of their materials (polymers, composite materials…) and in interpreting their results.

For multidisciplinary requests, FILAB laboratory provides precise expertise services to fulfil various requests relating to thermal analyses such as :

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Made up of a team of doctors and experienced engineers, FILAB laboratory guarantees the reliability of its results with a quick turnover time for requests and tailored support for clients.

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