Identification and determination of additives in your polymers

An additive is a chemical substance incorporated into polymers to improve their final properties. Additives can be used to have a positive effect on production, storage, treatment, during and after a product’s use.

These additives can be plasticizers, dyes, solvents, lubricants, etc.

As part of the development or optimization of a product, after a change in regulations or following a product failure, you are looking to characterize and determine the presence of additives in your polymers with support from a specialized laboratory.

FILAB is able to provide you with our analytical equipment and the expertise of our engineers for the determination and analysis of additives in polymers

With the use of complementary analytical tools and our dual expertise in chemistry and materials science, FILAB is able to carry out physicochemical analyses making it possible to characterization the presence of additives in your polymers :

  • Identification of additives found in a polymer
  • Determination of additive content in a polymer
  • Verification of the composition of a polymer compared with its SDS, namely its additive content
  • Accelerated aging tests
  • Reverse engineering of polymers to measure the presence of additives
  • Development and analytical validation specific to additives  

To carry out these different services, FILAB laboratory uses a wide range of analytical techniques, such as :

  • Thermal analyses by DSC or TGA
  • Chromatographic analyses (GC-MS or HPLC) to identify volatile additives
  • Spectrometric analyses (FTIR, ICP-MS and ICP-AES) to measure the presence of an additive in a polymer

With three levels of services – analysis, expertise and R&D support – FILAB assists companies from all sectors and of all sizes in overcoming their industrial challenges by sharing its technical know-how and the wealth of experience of its team with its clients. 

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