Chemical analysis in the aeronautical sector (EN 9100 standard)

EN 9100 standard: what are we talking about?

Drafted by the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) in 2003, the EN 9100 standard describes a Quality Management System specific to the aeronautics, space and defense markets. Linked to the ISO 9001 standard, this standard meets specific requirements in terms of passenger safety, reliability of goods and environmental impact of aeronautical and space activities.

All players in the supply chain (manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, equipment manufacturers, etc.) are subject to this standard as part of a performance plan. It is also a guarantee of quality for international companies, and allows us to be listed in the OASIS (On Line Aerospace Suppliers Information System), a worldwide guide for aerospace suppliers.

EN 9100:2016: what are the evolutions?

In September 2016, the standard was updated in conjunction with changes to the ISO 9001 standard. The accreditation body is placing greater emphasis on:

– Monitoring for product obsolescence

– Planning of activities necessary to ensure product safety

– Prevention of counterfeit and unapproved products

– Validation of test reports (including raw materials) based on criticality

– Identification and traceability of products (especially in case of fractionation)

This evolution impacts existing systems in depth, and certified companies must adapt their manufacturing processes before September 2018.

FILAB assists companies in the aerospace industry in achieving compliance or applying for EN 9100 accreditation

Accredited by COFRAC ISO 17025, our laboratory performs numerous chemical and material characterizations for aerospace companies. From the evaluation of your products to the implementation of more efficient processes, FILAB meets your needs for compliance of your activities and products with the new EN9001:2016 standard.

FILAB provides the following services:

Our services

  • Characterization of materials (polymers, metals, composites, glass...)

  • Analysis of the surface condition of products

  • Expertise on failures: cracks, fracture surfaces, wear, corrosion, adhesion problems...

  • Process support

  • Custom chemical analysis (heavy metals, additives, residual solvents...)

  • Particle size analysis

  • Raw Material Control

  • Development of customized analytical methods

Also, our laboratory is approved by SAFRAN for chemical analysis of metallic alloys and mineral products in the aeronautical sector.

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