Micrographic inspection of metal parts from additive manufacturing according to PR-6000

You need to check your metal parts according to PR-6000

Firstly, PR-6000 is a micrographic inspection process standardised by the Safran group and which describes the minimum requirements for micrographic inspection (preparation, etching and examination) of Safran metal products.

Among other things, PR-6000 allows the identification of the different chemical and electrolytic reagents used for micrographic etching of metallic materials as well as guiding in the choice of micrographic etching reagents when the technical definition of the article does not impose the reagent.

Micrographic examination can be carried out to check the health of a metallic material in order to verify whether its structure corresponds to that expected, but also during failure assessments.

The support of a laboratory competent in the micrographic inspection of metallic materials according to PR-6000 is therefore essential to be able to carry out this type of inspection on metallic parts resulting from additive manufacturing.

FILAB performs your micrographic inspections of metal parts produced by additive manufacturing according to PR-6000

In order to support manufacturers in the aeronautical sector in the development and quality control of their metal parts, by following the regulatory evolutions, the FILAB laboratory provides a state-of-the-art analytical park of 2100m², allowing the realisation of micrographic controls of metal parts resulting from additive manufacturing according to PR-6000.

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