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As industrialists you wish to carry out analysis of Bisphenol

Bisphenols are a family of synthetic organic chemicals that are generally used in the manufacture of certain polycarbonates (plastics with a very large number of uses), it is also used in the manufacture of certain epoxy resins (cans and tins), or as developers for the majority of thermal paper (cash register receipts).

There are more than twenty bisphenols, of which bisphenols A, S and F are the most widely used.

Bisphenols are denominated by the common name of the family “bisphenol” to which is joined one or more letters symbolizing the reagents employed to lead to the synthesis of the considered substance, as the bisphenol A is thus a bisphenol synthesized by reaction of the acetone (A) with the phenol.

Because of their reprotoxic character (confirmed for bisphenol A) and their potential fields of application (in particular for the manufacture of food containers) the use of some of the bisphenols (bisphenol A and bisphenol S) is regulated in France and in the EU (EC-No 1272/2008 of December 16, 2008).

The FILAB laboratory carries out analysis of Bisphenol

Bisphenol analysis techniques

Following these regulatory evolutions, FILAB laboratory has been able to set up specific methods for the determination of Bisphenol by HPLC-UV. With significant experience in the implementation of these techniques and the development of specific methods, the FILAB laboratory accompanies you in the framework of your needs for the research and qualification of Bisphenol in your polymer matrices. 

 These analysis are complementary to our analytical services related to the research of substances at risk in packaging such as

Why choose FILAB for bisphenol analysis?

FILAB has qualified human resources, doctors and engineers at your service in a state-of-the-art analytical park of 2100m², allowing us to analyze the bisphenol content in the best possible way.

Our engineers and doctoral students in chemistry are at your disposal at every stage of your analysis. They accompany you on the interpretation of the results and propose sustainable solutions adapted to your industrial sector.

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