Determination of Bisphenol S (BPS) in the laboratory

Your needs: measure the Bisphenol S in your materials

What is Bisphenol S?

Bisphenol S is an organic chemical compound used in polymer matrices. It is found in epoxy resins, polycarbonate, polyethersulfone, thermal papers, phenolic resins and polyester resins. In general, the use of Bisphenol S is coupled with that of Bisphenol F but especially Bisphenol A, classified as a substance of concern.

The toxicity of Bisphenol S is equivalent to that of Bisphenol A (BPA). It must therefore be measured in a laboratory.

Our solutions: Bisphenol S determination service

Dosing techniques

Following the regulatory changes, FILAB laboratory has been able to set up specific methods for the determination of Bisphenol S by HPLC-UV:

  • Determination by HPLC-UV
  • Assistance in the substitution of bisphenol S in your products

These analysis come in addition to our analytical services related to the research of substances at risk in packaging such as

Why FILAB for Bisphenol S determination?

FILAB laboratory offers you a Bisphenol S dosage service tailored to your needs. Indeed, thanks to our teams of specialized chemists, we can also assist you in the search for a Bisphenol S replacement molecule.

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