Laboratory analysis of erucamide

You want to analyze erucamide in your products?

What is erucamide (CAS No. 112-84-5)?

To begin with, erucamide is an organic chemical compound with the formula C₂₂H₄₃NO used in various fields. Indeed, erucamide is used in particular:

as a slip agent in industry for the formulation of plastics, glues and adhesives.
as a dispersing agent and to improve lubrication for the manufacture of high-speed printing inks, magnetic inks, typing ribbons, carbon paper and metal decorations.
in high quality lubricating oils, dye dispersants, waterproofing and anti-fogging agents for the papermaking and textile industries and foam stabilizers.

Why analyze the erucamide in your products?

First of all, the erucamide analysis of your products allows you to quantify it and to optimize your products. Indeed, a low erucamide content is characterized by the breakage and dryness of your products. On the contrary, a product too slippery translates a quantity of erucamide too high.

Thus, the support of a laboratory specialized in erucamide analysis is a considerable asset in the optimization of your products.

FILAB supports you in the analysis of erucamide in your products

In order to support manufacturers of all sectors and sizes in the analysis of erucamide in their products, FILAB provides a state-of-the-art analytical facility for the determination of erucamide in all types of matrices.

The analysis are performed by LC-MSMS technique

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