Laboratory analysis and expertise of surface treatments

Your needs : to characterize a defect found in your surface treatments and coatings

With the aim of better protecting a material’s surface from its environment, surface treatments bring new physicochemical properties to the material, giving it better resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, etc. Surface treatments can also be used for visual purposes, changing the overall appearance of a material.

There are various techniques used to treat surfaces :


  • Wet surface treatments : chemical baths (chemical nickel, copper…), electrolytical deposits, galvanization…

  • Dry surface treatments : thermal spraying, plasma, chemical or physical vapor deposits (CVD and PVD), sandblasting…

These organic or metallic treatments can be subject to a number of challenges regarding defects  (adhesive problems, peeling, degradation…) occurring over time due to an incompatible environment. FILAB provides industrialists with the means to detect and understand these defects.

Our solution : to optimize your surface treatments and coatings to ensure their proper functionality

Thanks to our dual expertise in chemistry and materials science, FILAB laboratory provides analytical services on all kinds of surface treatments (organic and inorganic), and all types of materials (metals, glass, polymers, ceramics…).

Our laboratory can resolve your problems relating to industrial surface treatments by providing the following services :

Our facilities for analyzing and characterizing surface treatments are also quite diverse depending on the type of treatment : Scanning Electron Microscope (MEB-FEG-EDX), ToF-SIMS analysis, XPS for morphological examinations : ICP-AES, ICP-MS or Ionic Chromatography for analyzing chemical compositions

If you need more information about our analysis of surface treatments, feel free to contact us !

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