Analysis of isothiazolinones in building materials

You want to perform an analysis of isothiazolinones in your building materials

First of all, isothiazolinones are a family of biocides based on a heterocycle, 1,2-thiazol-3-one. Isothiazolinones are used against bacteria and fungi in lacquers, paints, antifoulings and varnishes. Their biocidal effect comes from a two-step mechanism: a rapid inhibition of growth and respiration, followed by irreversible damage to the cell within hours. By reacting with the cell’s proteins, oxygen consumption, and thus respiration, and ATP synthesis, and thus energy production, are inhibited.

Therefore, the support of a competent laboratory for the analysis of building materials is indispensable for the analysis of isothiazolinone in your cosmetic products.

FILAB offers you its services for the analysis of isothiazolinones in building materials

In order to support manufacturers in the development and quality control of their products, by following regulatory changes, FILAB provides its customers with the know-how and experience of its team, as well as a 2100m² analytical park equipped with cutting-edge equipment allowing, in particular, the analysis of paint and varnish.

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