Analysis of mineral acid residues according to ISO 19227

Industrialists of the medical field, you wish to analyze the residues of mineral acids on your materials according to ISO 19227

What is a mineral residue?

First of all, a mineral residue is a particle or deposit present on the surface of a material. In the context of medical devices, a mineral deposit appears following the cleaning of these devices by acids.

Why analyze mineral residues on your materials?

The mineral residues come from the acids used in the cleaning of medical devices. Thus, the analysis of mineral residues allows to verify the absence of residues of these acids.

Indeed, the presence of mineral residues is particularly regulated due to their toxicity.

Thus, the support of a laboratory specialized in the analysis of mineral residues is an essential asset for the marketing of your products.

Our solutions: offer you analysis and characterization techniques for mineral residues to ensure the conformity of your materials and help you improve your processes.

For more than 30 years, FILAB has had the experience and the specific analytical equipment to meet your needs for mineral residue analysis and guides you through the interpretation of the results.  

Our experts then produce a complete report including the analysis performed, the interpretation of the results, and, according to your requests, advice and a proposal for the development of rapid solutions for the elimination of mineral residues.

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