Porosity analysis by mercury porosimetry (poro-Hg)

Why perform porosity analysis by Hg porosimetry ?

First of all, the analysis by mercury porosimetry (Hg porosimetry) allows the characterization of the surface porosity of a material according to its application. Thus, the solid material is immersed in mercury at different pressure levels.

This analysis gives several information including :

  • the volume and size distribution of the pores,
  • the distribution of the size of the particles,
  • the bulk density
  • and finally, the specific surface of the solids.

The quality and behavior of porous materials are influenced by this surface porosity. This is why, with the support and the accompaniment of a laboratory, you can study the surface porosity of your materials. Thus, as industrialists, you will gain in efficiency and quality in the manufacture of your materials. 

Surface porosity analysis by Hg porosimetry: a specific FILAB laboratory analysis

For more than 20 years, FILAB laboratory has had the experience and specific analytical equipment to meet the need for porosity analysis by Hg porosimetry on all types of materials. Thanks to a tailor-made support, FILAB laboratory analyzes your industrial problems related to mercury porosity analysis (Hg porosimetry analysis) and advises you until the interpretation of the results.

Powder characterization by Hg porosimetry
This study can be completed by other techniques according to your context: 

  • Specific surface measurement by BET
  • Measurement of flowability
  • Particle size analysis

Through our three levels of services – analysis, expertise and R&D support – FILAB assists companies of all sectors and sizes in solving their industrial problems, by providing its clients with the know-how and experience of its team. 

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