Laboratory analysis of raw materials

Your needs: to verify that your raw materials comply with relevant standards

Deterioration of materials caused by outside factors, the presence of an unknown compound, a change in regulations… There are many scenarios which could push industrial companies to want to verify the reproducibility of their raw materials. Quality control is therefore essential when receiving raw materials.

Industrialists from all sectors (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aeronautics, nuclear energy…) call on internal or external laboratories to perform necessary inspections. If an abnormality is found, investigations are launched to find the source of the problem and to find an adequate solution.


Our solution: to inspect the quality and the behavior of your raw materials using precise and reliable analytical techniques.

With an analytical fleet spread over 2100m² and an experienced team made up of doctors and engineers, the FILAB laboratory can analyze and inspect your raw materials by providing the following services:

  • Composition analysis of raw materials (oil, grease, fuel…)
  • Precious metal analysis
  • Purity analysis of raw materials
  • Wave soldering and solder bath analysis
  • Treatment bath inspection
  • Mineral filler determination
  • Detection and quantification of heavy metals
  • Metallic alloy grade identification
  • Additive identification
  • Impurity identification (particulates, unknown deposits…)
  • Nickel release test on raw materials
  • Artificial sweat test

FILAB can also analyze and inspect your raw materials using GC-FID, GCMS, LC-MSMS, ICP-MS, SEM-EDX and NMR.

FILAB has been CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche) approved to assist you in the best possible conditions.

With three levels of services – analysis, expertise and R&D support – FILAB assists companies from all sectors and of all sizes in overcoming their industrial challenges by sharing its technical know-how and the wealth of experience of its team with its clients.


The positive aspects of FILAB

A highly qualified team

Reactiveness and quick processing time for requests

COFRAC ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Complete analytical fleet spread over 2100m²

Tailored support for customers

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