Analysis of isocyanate monomers (including MDI)

Your needs: validate the compliance of your products with regulatory standards regarding the presence of isocyanate monomers

Isocyanates are an important resource for a variety of industrial products (foam and insulation materials, automotive paint, paper, adhesives, etc.). Isocyanates are chemical compounds used in the manufacture of polyurethane-based synthetic polymers for their physical and mechanical properties such as visual gloss, improved hardness and greater strength.

Also present in the composition of polyurethane, MDIs give polymers thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.

Health problems related to overexposure to isocyanates (asthma, skin irritation) have made it more difficult to set limits on the presence of these compounds in polymers. This situation requires regular controls on your polyurethane and MDI-based polymer products.

Our solutions: control the presence of isocyanate and MDI monomers in your products, then optimize the reliability of your processes.

With a double competence in chemistry and materials, FILAB Laboratory offers analysis of isocyanates (including MDI) present in your polyurethane-based polymers.

Thanks to a 2,100m² analytical park (IFTR, HPLC, CI, GCMS, MEB-FEG…) FILAB is able to work on any type of matrix and offers the following services

Our services

  • Chemical analysis and determination of MDI

  • Development of analytical methods for the identification of isocyanates or MDI

  • Environmental analysis (determination of isocyanates in the air)

  • Quantification of free isocyanates in liquid samples

  • Analysis of isocyanate-based industrial paints and varnishes

  • Study of container/content interactions

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