Laboratory analyses using Laser Granulometry

Your needs : to measure the particle size distribution of a powder

Granulometric analysis is used to measure the size of particles found in a sample, with the aim of understanding their nature.

This kind of analysis is also used to evaluated the quality of powders used in various fields (chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices…) and to ensure that they comply with standards, most notability as part of additive manufacturing.

These analyses are carried out using laser granulometry (wet or dry), sieving or sedimentation.

Our solution : to study the particle size distribution of samples using laser granulometry

To be able to fulfil an increasing number of requests, FILAB uses laser granulometry to measure the particle size distribution of dry or damp powders, with sample sizes varying from 3 to 10nm.

Laser granulometry is used to characterize organic, inorganic and even metallic powders used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, ceramic and metallurgical (additive manufacturing) applications, all while abiding by regulatory standards such as ISO 13320.

FILAB is able to provide its technical know-how relating to granulometric analyses and can support you by fulfilling your needs for analysis and expertise :

    • Granulometric analysis (particle size distribution, D50 measurement…)
    • Laser granulometric analysis of powders
    • XRD and SEM powders analysis
    • BET specific surface area measurements
    • Particulate and contaminant analysis
    • Hydroxyapatite powder characterization in accordance with the ISO 13779-3 standard
    • Nanomaterial characterization
    • Development and validation of analytical methods
    • Porosity and permeability testing using Helium Pycnometry, Mercury porosimetry …

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  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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