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You want to analyze or measure bromine in your samples?

CLI chromatographie ionique

Bromine (Br) is a member of the halogen family, just like fluorine or chlorine. As a corrosion precursor, industrialists may have to control its presence or its quantity in materials (alloys, polymers…) or formulations.  

Bromine is analyzed by Ion Chromatography (IC or CLI). This analysis by Ion Chromatography allows the characterization of anions such as sulfates, chlorides, bromides or fluorides.  

Customized support for bromine analysis in the FILAB laboratory

The FILAB laboratory offers its expertise in Ion Chromatography analysis, with preparation methods adapted to each type of matrix (leaching or combustion), for tailor-made support in bromine analysis. 

The FILAB laboratory is involved in the following services, for example: 

Our services

  • Determination of bromine in a polymer

  • PMUC approval and control: determination of bromide in products intended for use in nuclear power plants

  • Determination of halogens (sulfides, bromides, chlorides, fluorides)



As an independent laboratory with a team of experienced doctors and engineers, FILAB guarantees the reliability of its results, ensures rapid processing of requests and provides personalized support to its clients.

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