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“PMUC” (Products and materials for use in a power plant or “Produits et Matériaux Utilisés en Centrale électrique” in French) labeled products can potentially have corrosive effects on steel if they contain halogenated or sulfurous compounds.

To be authorized to go on the market PMUC labeled products must be registered by EDF after analysis have been carried out in an approved laboratory.

registration PMUC products

The products in question are those used in power stations during production, construction, maintenance or just normal operation. There are 24 categories of “PMUC” labeled products listed by EDF : glues, varnishes/paints, anti-seize compounds, cleaning products, decontamination products, protection products, plastics, joints, products for finding or sealing leaks, abrasives…

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PMUC analysis consists in determining the halogen (Fluorine / Fluorides, Chlorine / Chlorides, Bromine / Bromides) and sulfur contents of products designed to be used in a power station, following EDF protocols specific to each category of products.

Once the analysis has been carried out a report is drafted and sent to the client to present the results to EDF for them to grant the product with the PMUC label.

Our PMUC analysis services approved by EDF

FILAB has been approved by EDF to carry out various typological PMUC analysis :

  • Assessment of your product prior to requesting PMUC registration
  • Registration testing : Chemical analysis to obtain PMUC registration products
  • Inspections and follow-up analysis of PMUC products

PMUC chemical analysis carried out by FILAB comply with EDF’s D5713/ DJX / RB 90 0295 procedure.

Inspections carried out by the laboratory consist in analyzing the halogen (Fluorides F, Chlorides Cl, Bromides Br) and sulfur contents of PMUC labeled products with the aim of confirming their compliance with EDF’s specifications.

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PMUC means ‘products and materials used in nuclear power plants’. They correspond to consumables used for the construction, maintenance and operation of nuclear power plants, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and refractory materials.

Nuclear power plants operate by harnessing nuclear energy to generate electricity, which requires products and materials capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures, this is why they are subject to strict standards to ensure safety, about products and materials used.

Determining the compliance of products and materials used in nuclear power plants (PMUC)  requires laboratory analysis for each collected sample.The analysis verifies if the products meet the specified regulatory requirements. 

Products and materials used in nuclear power plants must meet stringent quality standards to guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the operation of the plant.The PMUC referenced products are specifically designed to meet the requirements and specifications of nuclear power plants in France.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of PMUC products affected by the regulations.


There are 24 categories of PMUC classified products, including cleaning, decontamination, temporary protection, leak detection or sealing products, anti-seize, plastics, abrasives, paints, adhesives, oils, seals... Each category is characterized by its content of sulfur and halogen species and more specifically fluorine, bromine, chlorine.


  • Construction materials for the plant often include stainless steel, concrete, graphite, and ceramics. 
  • Components such as reactors, steam generators, and heat exchangers are also made from heat and corrosion-resistant materials like zirconium, titanium, and stainless steel.
  • Products used, such as lubricants and chemicals


Therefore, it is important to stay updated on regulatory updates regarding PMUC (products and materials used in nuclear power plants) to ensure the safety of people and the environment.

Clément BOENARD Head of Analysis Department
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