Chemical analysis of industrial adhesives in a laboratory

Your needs : to analyze an industrial adhesive or to characterize a defect found in a regular or industrial adhesive

What is an industrial adhesive used for ?

An adhesive is a bonding agent used in industrial manufacturing processes to assemble different metallic or plastic parts together. The efficiency of an adhesive is directly linked to its composition, it must therefore meet certain criteria :

  • Resistance to traction and movement
  • Resistance to outside constraints (joint seals) over time
  • Cure time optimization based on industrial processes 

Why analyze an adhesive or an industrial adhesive ?

Chemical analysis of an adhesive can be useful for various reasons :

  • To verify that an adhesive is compliant with safety data sheets
  • To analyze its chemical composition
  • To study its behavior in any given conditions
  • To study a defect or product failure following the application of an adhesive

Analysis and characterization of an adhesive can be needed after a defect is found in the way a product is assembled (adhesive problems, disbonding, trace residues…) Analytical methods allow for the origin of the defect to be characterized and to determine whether it is due to the composition of the adhesive or the state of the product’s surface.

Assistance from an analytical laboratory will allow you to ensure that your products are in compliance with relevant standards.

Our solution : to analyze the quality of your adhesives and to provide you with tailored solutions to optimize their characteristics

Our adhesive analysis services

  • Relying on extensive experience in analytical chemistry, FILAB laboratory can provide analysis and characterization services for adhesives, adapted to your requests :

    • Conformity analysis of the adhesive’s composition
    • Impurity and contaminant detection in your adhesives
    • Advice in the choice of adhesive (double sourcing, stress testing)
    • Deformulation/Reverse engineering services
    • Curing time optimization using DSC
    • Disbonding expertise 

    Coupled with surface analyses, our adhesive analysis services are carried out using various techniques :

    • Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
    • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-FEG-EDX)
    • Optical microscopy
    • Thermal analyses (DSC)
    • Infrared spectrometry (FTIR)
    • ICP-AES and ICP-MSMS spectrometry 


As an independent laboratory, with a team made up of experienced doctors and engineers, FILAB guarantees the reliability of its results, ensures a quick turnover for requests and provides tailored support for its clients.

Thank you !

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