Laboratory analysis of your surgical implants according to the ASTM F136 standard

The FILAB laboratory assists you in complying with the ASTM F136 standard

The ASTM F136 specification specifies the chemical, mechanical and metallurgical requirements for the wrought titanium-6aluminum-4vanadium alloy ELI (extra low interstitial) (R56401) to be used in the manufacture of surgical implants.

The FILAB laboratory is specialized in the analysis of your surgical implants in compliance with the ASTM F136 standard. 

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FILAB also provides the following services 

  • Biocompatibility studies according to ISO 10993 ( -18 / -12 / -13 / -14 / -15 / -19 / -22 )
  • R&D support: custom chemical analysis, material and surface characterization, analytical development
  • Problem solving: non-conformity, breakage, adhesion, corrosion…  
  • Process validation: Cleaning (ISO 19227), surface treatment
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