XPS / ESCA analyses in a laboratory

What do we mean by XPS analysis ?

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is an analytical tool used to determine the chemical composition of a material to a depth of a few nanometers (XPS was previously known as ESCA, standing for Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis).

The technique consists of irradiating the surface of a sample with an X-ray beam to then study the photoelectrons generated by the interaction between the beam and the material. Studying of photoelectrons makes it possible to determine the chemical composition of the material’s surface and to determine each element’s chemical environment (chemical bonds, oxidation number…).

XPS is therefore a technique used to analyze the outermost surface (depth of 3 to 10 nm) of a material, making it possible to qualitatively and quantitatively determine its composition and the chemical forms of elements present on the sample’s surface

Your needs : to determine the chemical composition of a sample’s surface

Whatever your field, XPS analysis can fulfil your needs for surface analysis :

– XPS analyses as part of the development of a new product needing important surface functionalization (surface needing to adhere to a greater assembly, surface treatment to improve resistance to corrosion, wear, abrasion, etc.).

– Identification of the nature of a deposit or pollutant found on the surface of a material (elemental diagnostics and chemical forms)

– XPS analysis of the compliance of a surface treatment applied to an alloy to provide protection from oxidation (passivation, anodization…)

These surface analyses will allow you to ensure the compliance of your products and to solve your industrial problems linked to defects (corrosion, discoloration…) and identify pollutants.

Our solution : to provide XPS analyses suited to your requests and to deliver quick and reliable results

FILAB is a multidisciplinary laboratory providing analytical services, some of which are ISO 17025 accredited :

– Characterization of the elemental composition of a material’s outermost surface

– XPS analysis

– Elemental identification by XPS

– Diagnostic of the nature of a deposit or contaminant

– Expert failure analysis (corrosion, apparition of a stain, discoloration…)

– Validation of a surface treatment process (anodization, passivation…) improving specific surface properties (resistance to corrosion, wear, etc.)

– Optimization of the passivation procedure as part of a development project

To fulfil your needs for XPS analysis, FILAB offers multisectoral expertise and a cutting-edge analytical fleet to reliably fulfil the various requests coming from industrial clients.

For more information about our laboratory’s elemental analytical services, feel free to contact us !

The positive aspects of FILAB

  • A highly qualified team

  • Responsiveness in responding to and processing requests

  • A complete analytical park of 2100m²

  • Tailor-made support

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