XPS / ESCA analyses in a laboratory

What do we mean by XPS analysis ?

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) is an analytical tool used for determining the elemental chemical composition of a material to a depth of a few nanometers (XPS was also historically called ESCA, standing for Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis).

It consists of irradiating the surface of a sample with an X-ray beam and then studying the photoelectrons generated by the interaction between the beam and the material. Studying these photoelectrons makes it possible to determine the elemental chemical composition of the surface but also to determine the chemical environment with which each element is associated (nature of chemical bonds, identification of the oxidation state(s)…).

XPS is therefore a technique for analyzing the outermost layer of a sample’s surface (depth probed varies from 3 to 10 nm) and is used to qualitatively or quantitatively determine the chemical composition of the compounds present on the surface of the sample. 

Your needs : to determine the chemical composition of the surface of a sample

Whatever your field of industry, XPS analysis can cover all your demands for surface analysis:

– XPS analysis as part of the development of a new product for which the nature and chemical functionalization of the surface is critical (surface needing to work with an adhesive, surface treatment providing resistance to corrosion, wear, abrasion…)

– Identification of the nature of a deposit or pollutant found on the surface of a material (elemental diagnosis)

– XPS analysis to verify the conformity of a surface treatment applied to an alloy in order to provide protection against oxidation (passivation, anodization…)

These surface analyses allow you to ensure that your products comply with relevant standards and to overcome industrial challenges (such as corrosion, discoloration…) and to identify any pollutants.

Our solution : to propose XPS techniques specific to your requests and to provide reliable results in a small timeframe.

FILAB is a multidisciplinary laboratory providing analytical services, some of which are carried out with ISO 17025 accreditation from COFRAC:

– Characterization of the elemental chemical composition of the outermost surface layer

– XPS Spectroscopic analysis

– XPS elemental and chemical environment identification

– Diagnosis of the nature of the deposit/contaminant

– Defect expertise (corrosion, apparition of stains and discolorations…)

– Validation of a surface treatment procedures (anodization, passivation…) providing a specific surface functionalization (corrosion resistance, wear resistance…)

– Optimization through a passivation process as part of a development project

In order to meet the demand for XPS analyses, FILAB has multisectoral expertise as well as a cutting-edge analytical fleet. Providing reliable results for the various requests it receives from its industrial clients. 

For more information about our laboratory’s elemental analytical services, feel free to contact us !

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