Plastics processing / Polymers

As a plastics processor, manufacturer, converter, manufacturer of finished goods, you have to deal with the strategic issues facing your sector. Control of manufacturing processes, finding new materials (agro-composites, nanomaterials…), reducing the costs of non-quality, stabilisation sourcing, protection of the environment … these are the issues that are leading you to seek the services of a reliable, independent laboratory, capable of offering high technical value added and guaranteeing total confidentiality.

FILAB is here to support you :


  • Surface characterisation (surface roughness, defects,…)
  • Ageing studies (yellowing, surface deterioration, …)
  • Defect characterisation (inclusion, ...)
  • Failure analysis (adhesion problems, …)
  • Materials compatibility testing
  • Determination of polydispersity and the rate of cross-linking
  • Polymer deformulation (additives, slip agents, anti-UV additives, mineral fillers, …)
  • Analytical development
  • Training for your staff


  • Bibliographic reviews
  • R&D support and project management
  • Production process auditing and optimisation
  • Regulatory studies and drawing up of specifications
  • Support in choosing raw materials and finding substitution materials
  • Development of innovative characterisation methods

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