Analytical laboratory working with the energy and nuclear industries

Your needs : to develop efficient procedures and reliable products to meet environmental challenges.

Being subject to the tough challenges facing sustainable energy and the need to protect the environment, you are looking to optimize your products, materials or procedures according to quality, sustainability and security practices. 

As major players in the designing, construction, maintenance and operation of nuclear stations or other energy production systems you are trying to abide by these practices by routinely inspecting your raw materials and other products or materials used in the process with the aim of correcting any failures.

To support you in your efforts, assistance from a laboratory specialized in analysis and characterization, certified by recognized authorities, will allow you to reliably evaluate the conformity of your products.

Our solution : to assist industrialists in the energy sector in improving their materials with quality control and analysis.

FILAB’s expertise in the fields of energy production and of nuclear energy contribute towards the advancement of your industrial projects in terms of inspection, optimization and counseling services regarding your activities.

For many years now FILAB has been approved by EDF to perform the necessary analyses for “PMUC” product registration and “PMUC” inspections.

From the start of the designing process to the commissioning of your facilities, FILAB assists you in assessing compliance with international requirements by providing the following services :



  • Chemical analyses (heavy metals, additives, residuals solvents …)
  • Analyses of products used in nuclear stations (EDF approval)
  • Environmental analyses
  • Material characterization : polymers, metals, composite materials, ceramics…
  • Surface analysis
  • Determination of heavy metals and residual solvents
  • Powder analysis
  • REACH analyses



  • Compatibility studies between certain fluids and materials
  • Identification of unknown pollutants (deposits, particles)
  • Deformulation services
  • Stability analysis
  • Failure analysis : fissures, particulate contaminants, adhesive failures, corrosion, metallographic examination, weld analysis
  • Laboratory audit and team training


  • Development and validation of new analytical techniques
  • Literature reviews
  • Research into substitutions for CMR substances
  • R&D assistance (project management, choice of materials…)
  • Developing a new substance


  • Organic analyses : GCMS, Py-GCMS, LC-MSMS, GPC, NMR, FTIR
  • Mineral analyses : ICP, XRD, IC
  • Thermal analyses : TGA, DSC
  • Metallurgical analyses : ICP, SEM-FEG EDX, OES
  • Powder analysis : XRD, SEM-FEG EDX, BET
  • Surface analysis : SEM-FEG EDX, PES, ToF-SIMS


The positive aspects of FILAB

A highly qualified team

Reactiveness and quick processing time for requests

COFRAC ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Complete analytical fleet spread over 2100m²

Tailored support for customers

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