Nanomaterials : FILAB can now perform SP-ICP-MS analysis !

FILAB  : 1st French laboratory to receive ISO 17025 accreditation for the characterization of nanomaterials*

Nanoparticulate analysis : a strategic and regulatory challenge for manufacturers

Faced with ever more stringent regulations in terms of traceability and the definition of what is and isn’t classed as a nanomaterial, the characterization of nanoparticles is a key step in the qualification and classification of your products and materials.

Given that the risks to human health and to the environment linked to the use of nanomaterials are not yet well known, regular monitoring will allow you to better assess their behavior and to see what they become in their final environment.

However, in dealing with this science of the infinitely small you are regularly faced with some major constraints :

  • Firstly, these analysis are to be carried out using very small quantities
  • Secondly, particulates found in a matrix are very rarely homogenous : we often differentiate aggregations and agglomerations of particles
  • Finally, these analysis are very sensitive to interferences or external contaminations which can alter results

In short, all this requires the use of specific and precise analytical tools and the technical know-how associated with these types of operations.

The SP-ICP-MS, a promising tool for particulate analysis

Individual counting by Single Particle ICP is a promising analytical technique for the characterization of nanoparticles and nanomaterials (TiO2, ZnO…) in various matrices. It provides the following information :

  • Determination of the chemical composition to deduce the nature of nanoparticles
  • Nanoparticle size distribution measurement
  • Evaluation of nanoparticles (quantitative approach)

Thanks to its excellent resolution and remarkably low Limit of Detection, Inductively Coupled Plasma paired with Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) can be used to obtain precise data on the presence of nanoparticles and their quantity. In this case, ICP is used in “Single Particle” mode (SP-ICP-MS).

Investing to meet our clients’ needs

To fulfil the growing needs of clients facing multi-industrial problems, and to anticipate any regulatory changes relating to nanomaterials, FILAB has made a point of investing in new analytical techniques.

This technique completes our set of analytical tools aimed at particulate and nanoparticulate analysis such as SEM-FEG-EDX analysis, Granulometric characterization by Laser Granulometry or even structural analysis by XRD as well as BET specific surface area measurements…

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*The scope of our accreditation covers :

  • Nanoparticle size and shape distribution by SEM-EDX
  • Nanoparticle size measurement by SP-ICP-MS

(More information available at – accreditation n°1-1793)

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