Laboratory analysis and expertise of stainless steel and other stainless alloys

Stainless alloys…

Stainless alloys or stainless steels are steels to which an outer layer of chromium oxide has been applied. To comply with the EN 10088-1 European standard, steel is classified as stainless if it contains at least 10,5% chromium and less than 1,2% carbon in weight.

There are different categories of stainless steels, the most common are:

  • X2CrNi18-9 (AISI 304L or A2): used to make everyday products
  • X2CrNiMo17-12 (AISI 316L or A4): used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and food industries.
  • X8Cr17 (AISI 430): used to made household appliances, sinks…
  • X6CrTi12 (AISI 409): used to make automobile exhausts, furnaces… 

Chemical analysis of stainless alloys: one of FILAB’s specialties

For over 20 years, FILAB laboratory has been providing metallurgical analyses of stainless alloys to hundreds of clients, some of which were provided under ISO 17025 accreditation.

FILAB laboratory provides its experience and specific skills to inspect the quality of your stainless alloys:

  • Chemical composition analysis and grade inspection of stainless alloys: 316, 304L, 430, 409…
  • Analysis of stainless steels and grade determination in accordance with the EN 10088-1, EN 10088-2 and EN 10088-3 standards
  • Analysis of ferroalloys 

Our analytical fleet dedicated to analyzing stainless alloys:

  • ICP-AES and ICP-MS elemental analyses
  • OES spark spectrometry
  • C, H, O, N, S elemental analyses
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDX)

Going even further: our expertise of stainless alloys

As well as performing routine metallurgical analyses, FILAB laboratory can provide you with its skills in metallurgical expertise and failure analysis for your stainless alloys:

  • Metallographic examination of stainless alloys
  • Coating thickness measurements on steel parts
  • Weld analyses
  • Corrosion resistance studies
  • Rupture analysis
  • Surface analysis and characterization (rugosity, defects…)
  • Accelerated aging tests (corrosion, surface alterations…) 
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